Friday, September 30, 2011

Sam Milby & KC Concepcion Tweets on same time again *-^

 The Notebook of Love 

It’s not about who hurt you and broke you down. It’s about who was always there and made you smile again
 KC Concepcion 

Okay! Cu when you get back from your trip! RT: Thank you, my lovely! Date when I come home? We're long overdue.

 Sam Milby 

Split into 3 groups and had a competition which group cud disassemble/reassemble yung rifle the fastest. Nanalo grupo ko
 Sam Milby 

Training with the Philippine Marines today with Zanjoe for "Alta". Learned how to disassemble/reassemble a M16 A1 5.56mm rifle

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

KC Concepcion revelations ‘decoded’ by Nestor U. Torre Philippine Daily Inquirer


For some weeks now, televiewers have been the recipients of recondite or downright mystifying updates or “progress reports” on the KC Concepcion-Piolo Pascual romance and its periodic upheavals.
First off, KC’s mom, Sharon Cuneta, surprised viewers with her concerned comments about the two stars’ relationship, intimating that all was not well with it.
After Sharon’s guarded declaration of concern, however, not much was heard from KC or the iconically laconic Piolo, so people’s confusion persisted. Until last September 4, when KC finally talked at greater length about the less-than-perfect “situation.”
Even KC’s declarations, however, were guarded and in fact sometimes spoken in a kind of “code” that viewers had to figure out or “deconstruct,” to divine what she really meant!
Here’s a breakdown of the “highlights” of KC’s “loaded” comments, the better for us to arrive at a more complete picture of what is really taking place – if we’re all that interested:
The couple has kissed and made up, and in fact attended the Star Magic Ball together, and Piolo even gifted KC with jewelry.
But, some things still have to change. “Hindi na puwede ang dati. Hindi tinataguan or tinatakasan ang mga issue. It’s commitment time.” Hmmm…
When asked if, despite everything, she was happy, KC couldn’t give a categorical reply. Uh-oh.
But, not to worry, KC resolutely declared, ups and downs are par for the course for “all” relationships(?) – so, hope springs eternal that the eight-month relationship won’t irretrievably flounder before the year ends.
Real score
After assimilating all that, what’s the real score? We sense that KC could be chafing because the busy Piolo, who’s used to getting his way and doing things in his time, place and pace, may not be giving her the time and attention she needs.
“Quality time” sounds nice, but young women in a relationship need and want more than that, and Piolo may be remiss in that regard.
KC says they recently talked “everything” through, but we don’t know if “reforms” regarding the time issue were part of the “package.”
The next bunch of comments – on the need for change, confronting rather than running away from issues, greater commitment, stop going by cozy past practices – reveal KC’s need for greater clarity, proactive dynamism and excitement in the relationship with her older and perhaps more “habituated” beau.
At the end of her “sharing” on “The Buzz,” KC declared again that she was “fully committed” to the relationship, despite everything, and contra mundum.
But, what about the laconic Piolo? What is he prepared to do to make his beloved KC truly happy?  Abangan ang susunod na coded message!

People comments : 
  • hindi kasi umarangkada ang career ni kc concepcion e. LOL
  • si Sam Milby ang talagang syota ni Piolo...
  • tolits31 2 hours ago
    Silahis yan kaya di mabibigyan ng tamang oras ang babae,,,baka sa lalaki pa pwede???
  • hinde sya Gay, BI sya. ano ba kayo... haha
    hinde mamatay ang issue na to, dahil maraming bakla (showbiz insiders) na nagsasabi na bading si piolo.
  • he has a son, and he waited for KC since she was 18. that was the first time they met. if you all gonna investigate first, it's on youtube, he initially intended to court her eversince. calling him gay is dumb!
  • This is lame. Piolo is gay. That's why it will never work out. Period.
  • mas lame ata ang mag accuse without proof, di ba Jem? so bring out your proof Jem!
  • O
    then bring out your proof that he is not gay. i think you are a gay too