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Si KC Concepcion ..Oh.. SexyBACK naka backless talagang ipakita ang LIKOD kay Sam Milby .... Ayon TURN On na Turn ON si Sam..uminit ang pagkalalaki ..=))
Sam Milby - "KC Ang PAYAT mo .Wow ang payat ni KC noh!...Naks naman" (gusto pa uling paulit ni KC ayong inulit ni Sam..=)) ) "KC ang payat mo SOMeSeXy ka na..feel na feel ni Kace Happiness ♥"

Pweding KILIGIN si Kace talaga ganda na ng message ni Sam sayo tinatawanan mo pa..mukhang ayaw mo ng message niya ah!..=)) tuloy saveeh!! .."Hay Naku I hope you enjoy this movie at ma touch kayo" ♥ supah! touch me sa Movie niyo daming KILIG moments parang ganyan din sa video na 'to mga touch touch ni KC
Ayisha - "Ate KC andiyan na yong Ka LOVE TEAM mo! Ate KC ito na "=)) - (Christine & Julius Babao daughter) so Cute =">
7:18 supa! Kyoot ni KC dito yong Oh! nakatinginan linapitan ni Sam =)) waving si KC habang palapit si Sam sabay kiss Kinilig si KC sabay Saveeeeh! "Sam Milby pweding pa Autograph" ♥ ♥ ♥


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US Theatrical Screening Schedule
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San FranciscoUA Stonestown Twin
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June 24-30
NJ - BergenfieldClearview Bergenfield Cinemas
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Bergenfield, NJ 07621
July 1-21
NJ - CliftonClearview Allwood Theatre
96 Market Street
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July 1-21
Las VegasRegal Village Square Stadium
9400 W Sahara Ave.,
Las Vegas, NV 89058
July 1-7
San DiegoUA Horton Plaza
475 Horton Plaza
San Diego, CA 92101
July 8-14
Seattle (Tukwila)Parkway Plaza Stadium 12
5910 South 180th Street
Tukwila, WA 98188
July 8-14
HawaiiPearlridge West Theatres
98 - 1005 Moanalua Road
Aiea, HI 96701
July 1-7
Los Angeles(coming soon!) 
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 KC Concepcion 

@samuelmilby & i in transit from narita, japan to new york citaaaaaay! Cu at the 2 TriBeCa screenings of Forever & a Day!


 KC Concepcion 

Got my wake up call! Work off my mind for now, hitting the Physique 57 studio again for a quick workout! FORMA of NYC..

 KC Concepcion 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forever And A Day: A Love in a Life

Yesterday, I was supposed to watch an Ishmael Bernal film at the UPFI but I got stuck in traffic for more than an hour in San Juan where I was coming from, so, I chose KC Conception’s movie, Star Cinema’s Forever And A Day over what was supposed to be a review of a classic 70s film starring Alma Moreno.

OK, I have to admit that I was not expecting to somersault in my chair nor did I suppose to come home late at night last night to fervently write this review either. In more ways than one, I must give credit the entire movie for its apt ambition to pigeonhole what is in life that there is in a love. Or vice versa.

Simple plot: Euge (Sam Milby) comes to a vacation in Bukidnon to filter the perils of being a shoe genius, a storyline that reminds me of Orlando Bloom in Elizabethtown, by the way. But when he meets Raffy (KC Concepcion) and as they travel and go on preposterous extreme sports activities together, they start to form a friendship which eventually led to Euge falling for Raffy, against his own expectations. Also, with Raffy, Euge begins to believe in the good in himself again.

But the story takes a turn after three days because the moment Euge expresses his feelings for her, Raffy suddenly starts to push him away. She admits that he can never have her, and she doesn’t want Eugene to hope for a happy ending with her, because she ‘cannot’ be loved.

The movie, directed by the unique and fearless Cathy Garcia-Molina then takes us to a scrupulous journey towards finding yourself in love, acceptance and loving your own life amid the add-ons like career, choices, advocacy and even, love itself. So scrupulous, in fact, that the movie lasted almost two hours. Yes it was quite

Sam Milby and KC Conception in the endearing zipline scene in 'Forever And A Day'

long-winding but the gorgeousness of Garcia-Molina’s autonomous camera recompensed the excessive chow chows; Dahilayan Adventure Park’s death-defying zipline and the zorb, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, the serene waterfalls and wild rafting scenes (which takes this movie a notch up in my charts) and the actors themselves as both Sam Milby and KC Conception are simply so fine-looking. Throughout the film, Conception is deglamourized and still she looked perfect.

Bembol Roco, Rayver Cruz, Dante Rivero and Vivian Velez, as support cast make honest actors in themselves. Matet De Leon is certainly a great actress and should pursue in more exigent roles next time because, she is not just captivating on screen, she can definitely act!

Sam Milby’s accent is always an obstruction to his radiant acting but his interpretation of Euge’s distresses and self-loathing readies him to bigger roles in the future. I admire Milby’s command in making the audience feel that he is imperfect and he does this fairly well, despite the fact that he is too charming to be placed on the head-chopping board. I have never seen Third World Happy but because he conveyed an honest portrayal in this commercial friendly film, I will watch it. The ideal note of taking much of the romance out of this supposed-love story makes Milby’s contribution to the film worthwhile. And he is not just another pretty face. I was literally surprised.

KC and Sam with 'Forever and a Day' director Cathy Garcia-Molina

KC Conception’s last two movies taught her to be razor sharp on what she does. She finally got me to a certain point that she is, in fact, playing a character. Her inner beauty (more than her outer beauty which as beautiful as it is raw) and compassion exudes gently in her rendering of the benevolent but brave Raffy. I was particularly amazed with the mirror scene; clad only in her brassiere, looking in the mirror and examining herself. That was a moment in the film when moviegoers will have the floor to infuse themselves to a struggling character. Also, Conception can descent a line and can make it sound riveting. When she said the ‘S’ word in a hyperventilating scene and said the word, “Tae” in one endearing portion, she absolutely brought it down.

If you think the theatrical trailer of this film is already the film, you are wrong. That’s just ¼ of the film. Watch it for its remaining 3/4 because it will make you realize that a day in your life is more than enough to know that there is love in your life.

And by the way, it has one of the best ending segments that will make you love your own life even more. Now that you should see.
Hello Beautiful Pasionistas! share ko lang itong review ni Mr. Jon Verzosa, ang ganda lang kaya ng mga sinabi nya about the movie! Again congratulations to Kc and Sam and Direk Catyh! God bless you all!
Forever And A Day: A Love in a Life
By Jon Verzosa

By: sssip in FILM REVIEW
Meet Mr. Eugene Severo. Athletic, competitive, powerful, masculine and young. He belongs to the “fast-paced” world of the corporate field of tasks, creating innovative but not so expensive shoes in the offices of a Makati skyline

Meet Raffy. Beautiful, very feminine, very ideal. When her desire to be with herself to forget her sickness leads her to a place of adventures, high-risk games and recreational sports – she suddenly meets the man of her dreams. But can she escape what lies beneath her fragile world?Eugene and Raffy. Two hearts. Two souls. One love.And they met… in a “not-so-distant” land that existed in a vacation spot, not so far-away from the modern city. Just a plane ride away…and destiny both took them to a land of fairy-tales, romance and wonderment. And they fell in love.Sam Milby as Mr. Eugene Severo was as “delicious as it gets”. His eyes could tease. His smiles could perk-up any girl’s hidden desires and his being a sportsman can lift you up, make you strong and powerful, make you feel every inch a lady.And that’s what KC Concepcion who portrayed the role of Raffy, felt. As Sam led her to high-risk sports, freedom of spirit and….most of all, hope.KC as Raffy, a very sensitive but well-loved girl was dying. She had a ‘stage 4′ lymphoma cancer. As much as she tried to escape the loving chase of Eugene, she couldn’t. Destiny simply led them together.How this plot was presented in the movie was simply terrific. The scriptwriters of this film were new but ideal, they knew how to present a romantic plot into something not predictable, and something not old but new. They took the moviegoers into a different land- romantic and exciting, funny and titillating, sad and embracing. In the end, the scriptwriters won. As we watched this movie in a Makati cinema, it was full-packed. Audiences react and laugh, very positively. As you look into their faces, they were all smiling. They were all falling in love…Cathy Garcia-Molina, the female director of the film was excellent. Her style, unique. Her vision: Experimental but acceptable. Her texture was wonderful. She did great justice to the script. She knew exactly hot to get there.Especially when it came to the film’s cinematography. Ms. Cathy’s idea of hiring a great but new cinematographer in person of indie film director (of “Mayohan”, a Cinemalaya 2011 well-acclaimed film)- no less than Mr. Dan Villegas- was perfect! Mr. Villegas captured every scene, frame by frame, word by word, beat by beat- with such a great and amazing “eye”. It was his own heart beating like a magical way of hearing it- in every angle of his camera lens. It was as if you were reading a romantic novel that finally came alive!

And how could we forget these two supporting actors who almost stole the show from KC and Sam all throughout the movie? Matet de Leon and Lui Manansala were so funny in the film! In every scene they appeared in, moviegoers really laughed! They looked so cute together with KC and Sam. They, indeed, provided great support.

But in the end, it was KC and, it was Sam.

The movie’s soul was them. The movie’s life existed with them. The movie was them.
KC Concepcion was so sensitive in this movie. Her eyes could easily shed a tear, as if it was really her -the character named Raffy. She transcended and experimented a great deal in portraying this kind of fragile character-role. And it was simply wonderful. She explored into greater heights as an actress. We bet our ***, she will soon win awards next year in this movie!

And Sam! Oh my! He was simply great in this film! We almost felt his deeper individuality, captured his soul and hugged his life. That’s how great he is in this film. There was one scene in the movie wherein he was opening-up his heart on his boss, portrayed by veteran actor Dante Rivero. His emotions were so real, his feelings were so loving and caring, his acting nuances was superb- we felt so awed. That, is, what… great acting is all about.

Congrats to all the people involved in this film. People who refused to believe in the POWER OF LOVE, will surely realize its true meaning in life. Because life is as fragile as a glass menagerie, we all must handle it with care. And most of all, with love.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Direk Cathy: What is unique in this movie. I believe naman po every movie is unique in its own right. Malapit po sa puso ko tong kwentong to. Something that doesn't just talk about love it talks about life. It talks about love for life. I believe that this one is more than just a love story.

Press: Kc and Matet first time nagsama? Matet na excite ka bilang anak ka ni Nora Aunor kasama mo ang anak ni Mega Star?

Matet: Na excite ako bilang feeling ko mahahawaan ako ng ganda niya. Excited ako. Masaya.

Sam: Even before we started the movie close na talaga kami. 1st parts of the movie medyo nahirapan kami kasi ano

Kc: We don't think there would be anything that could in the way of our friendship

Direk Cathy: Pinagbawalan ko si Kc and Sam magusap kasi sobrang close

Press: On screen Direk pano niyo ito nagagawa? Like on screen parang napaka natural ang pagiging mag partner nila

Direk: Problem ko lang is magkaibigan sila pero as long as they become the characters they could fall in love.

Press: For KC and Sam pano niyo na portraty ang ganitong characters?Sa

Sam: Well, thank you btw siguro sa lahat ng movies eto ang 1st movie na naging close kami ni direk Cathy so I gave a lot and I really owe it to direk Cathy and Kc plus the story is amazing talaga.

Direk Cathy: The movie tells us how to love.

KC: Thank you pothat really meant a lot. The 1st thing that Direk asked me to do is to trust her and that really meant a lot. That gave me room to grow.

Sam: I can't use any personal experiences kung may nangyari nangyari na di lang ako apektado na. In this movie I just felt the character. I have to really say that the story is amazing kung natuwa po kayo sa trailer lalo na sa movie. I got into the character and direk just found ways to bring out the emotion.

Sam: Direk I Love You!

Press: Kay Sam naman you've improved a lot how did you go about it? Saan mo hinuhugot yun emosyon mo?

Press: Ano magagandang katangian na nadiscover niyo sa isa't-isa?
Sam: We are close before it's not like. Ok sige. Mahilig siya sa tubig. She loves being out in the ocean.

Kc: Si Sam naman mahilig sa bundok. Sa outdoors. Yun yung namimiss na niya pala. Itong city living nakasanayan na lang pala niya pero more on sa wild pala gusto niya.

Sam: I'd love to go back and finish college but some time in the future but I do have plans of having my own business.

Sam: Dati siguro sasabihin ko hindi pero because of this movie sasabihin ko, Oo.

Kc: May topak po ako na ganun. Itutuloy ko pa rin kahit may possibility na hindi mag work. Yun not knowing the possibilities in the end. Ako po kasi live for the moment.

Matet: Fiancee po ako ng best friend ni Sam. Si Louie Villaruz

Press: After doing this movie are u sold for the idea na love even for a day can last forever.

Kc: Opo. One day can be your forever and forever can happen in one day. Meron po talagang mga story na ganun eh.

Sam: Opo. Like Kc reminded everyone direk did prove to me in this movie kasi ang hirap maniwala na you could fall in love with somebody in one day but that experience will last forever or may effect sa life mo.

Sam: Siyempre 1st off di naman ito ang 1st time na kasama ko si direk sa movie I would say na may mga doubts ako sa movie but I can confidently say now na no pressure. Whether it be block pressure or not we really gave a lot and that's what's important when you're happy with your performance.

Kc: This has been the most confident I've been in a role because hinayaan po ako ni direk Cathy na mag explore pero at the same time very firm naman siya as a director pero binigyan niya kami chance mag explore she would ask us "what would you do as a character?"

Kc: God knows how much I went through and kung gano po talaga ako nag open up kay direk. Kung ano yun mga fears ko and uncertainty ko not just sa pelikula but sa feelings ko po.

Sam: I can vouche for Kc magaling siya dito. I'm really proud of her
Kc: Di'ba OO.

Press: Sam pwede ka bang ma inlove  sa babaeng hindi magkakaanak ( Can you fall in love with the woman that can give you a child?)

Sam: Opo. Like I said before if you know it's real love kahit anong defect you would stay with the


KC: Ang Frienship namin ni Sam goes way back ,hiwalay po itong movie sa relationshio namin ni pj
( Good answer KC hindi talaga si Sam maging cause ng break up niyo it will be between you and pj not Sam Thank you Kace)

KC:I wouldn't be in a relationship kung kulang ang pagmamahal ko sa isang tao.Kung hindi na rin ganoon ka passionate i would have to let go habang may maibibigay pang energy sa relationship i wil stay on it

Kc: Ako personally po I wouldn't be in a relationship kung kulang ang pagmamahal ko sa isang tao.
Sam: Di ko alam. Kasi sinabi ko dati sa interview did I have a crush on KC I said I did.Matagal na yun and then 
we had common friends, we began friends we just became good friends.

Sam: NagkaCrush ako sa kanya sa Concert ng Mom niya sa Mega Concerts 4yrs ago.

KC: NagkakaCrush din po ako sa kanya during his CLOSE UP TV commercial  

KC: Ideal man naman kasi itong si Sam e.

Direk Cathy: Bago ko po maka trabaho si Kc when I watched her first film sabi ko meron itong batang ito and I wanted to work with her and it took me a lot of years bago ko maka trabaho si Kc. She exceeded my expectations. May katigasan lang ng ulo parang si Samuel. Grabe pinagdaanan ni Kc sa'kin. Nun kinausap ko si Kc sabi ko talaga sa kanya whatever it takes gagawin ko para lumabas kung anong meron sa kanya and she agreed and she suffered pero I respected her even more because of this film.

FOREVER AND A DAY JUNE 15,2011 Showing at 100 Movie theaters NationWide Philippines 

Forever And A Day international Premiere with Sam Milby in New York City. June 25, 2011 at Tribeca Performing Arts. Screening time: 11:30 am and 6:00 pm. For tickets and inquiries call 917.513
.5266 or 914.346.9646